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pipermak1 05-03-2012 03:24 PM

Is this the real thing or is it a Mantle Piece?
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Have a beautiful wood propeller that I have not been able to locate any specifics on so I found this site and thought y'all might be more knowledgeable than I.

If is light colored with medium red tips(squared off tips). I have pictures and they are attached.

The ONLY markings on it are around the hub and are "US" and "45A" using what appears to have been 1/4" steel impact stamps.

It is likely to have been re-finished as I do see 1 drip spot on the trailing edge of 1 blade.

Can you help me?



MWP_Lamar 05-03-2012 04:16 PM

I've not seen anything like this that I remember. There are a few things that would lead me to believe it's made as a decoration:

1. There are no protective metal edges or tips on it although it could be a drone prop with the red tips.
2. There are no witness marks although it could be just unused.
3. The shape of the blades look suspect to me; they are way too narrow.
4. There are what appear to be knots in the wood right where at least two of the bolt holes are drilled; real props NEVER have knots. Not even drone props.


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