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Bob Gardner 05-23-2018 10:11 AM

Bob Gardner's Next Book
I had thought that Part Three of my series on German WW1 props would be my last but I have decided to produce two small reference books, one British, one German for the use of museums and enthusiasts, which will list WW1 makers with photographs of decals, advice on how to interpret data stamped on a prop, and a list of drawing numbers.

With kind regards,


Dbahnson 05-23-2018 11:10 PM


Bob, at some place on this site we should post a list of all of your books, so people who want them all can be sure their collection is complete.

Bob Gardner 05-24-2018 05:45 AM


That's a good idea. Thank you for thinking of it. I don't advertise and rely on word-of-mouth for my sales which provides about sixty sales a year or five a month which is a rate I can cope with! It gives me time for my other pursuit which is bird watching.

Ryszard Wrobel has kindly put a description of my books on his Polish Propeller web site. He also finds German props quite often and sends me details for the database.

Shall I compile a draft for you? I think it will consist of a photograph of each book (six on British propellers and four on German) with some indication of the makers covered by each book.

I post to four postal zones (west of GB which is mostly USA; Europe; East of Europe which is mainly Australia and NZ; and internal within GB) If my maths is correct that gives about 500 variations in postal charges, so to keep it simple I suggest a link to my email address and a note to the effect: email Bob Gardner for a quote.

Tell me how this sounds. Suggestions from other forumites also welcome.

With kind regards,


Dbahnson 05-24-2018 05:55 AM

That sounds great, Bob.

I'm headed to Alaska (3500 mile trip solo in a small float plane) that will take me away from this for a few weeks.

Bob Gardner 05-24-2018 04:18 PM

Sounds like a splendid adventure, providing the met allows it! I'd love to come with you but I too am going AWOL in a weeks time for a third spinal op, on L3/L4. I do my best to keep the local orthopaedic surgeons in work. How will this web site manage without us? Probably very well!

With kind regards,


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