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AFBreest 05-26-2015 01:33 AM

Identifying WWI prop
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Thanks for setting up this forum! My dad just passed down his WWI propeller to me that he bought from antique shop in London 30 years ago. He was told at the time it came from an Avro that flew in WWI.

Any help in identifying what aircraft it came from would be appreciated.

The markings on the prop are:

D 8-5' P 6-10
TR_CTOR( I couldn't identify the 3rd letter)

110 CIERGHT RH(not positive on the IE)
1579( not positive on the 9)

The final markings include four small boxes right next to each other with the same markings- they are:


See pictures posted as well.

Thanks in advance!



AFBreest 05-26-2015 01:34 AM

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Additional photo

AFBreest 05-26-2015 01:38 AM

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Extra photo

AFBreest 05-26-2015 01:39 AM

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Extra photo 4

AFBreest 05-26-2015 01:40 AM

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Extra photo 5

Dbahnson 05-26-2015 10:07 AM

The drawing number, P23 is listed for use on a Nieuport, although it doesn't specify the model. Other markings indicate a Clerget 110 HP engine, Right hand tractor application, and diameter and pitch.

The AID is an inspection stamp from the Aeronautical Inspection Department

pmdec 05-26-2015 06:00 PM

The shape is strangely like Régy French props!
Could you post clear close-ups of the two "flat" sides of the hub?
And give the exact length of the prop?

Dbahnson 05-26-2015 10:21 PM

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Originally Posted by pmdec (Post 12881)
The shape is strangely like Régy French props!

I noticed that as well. It looks very similar in design to this Regy



AFBreest 05-26-2015 10:37 PM

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Thanks for the quick feedback!

I just measured the prop and it measured 8 feet 5 inches. Which makes since with the marking

D 8-5'

Additionally, it appears there's an additional number on the prop but it's quite faded. I believe it's 13. It appears above the name of the 110 CIERGHET RH line.

Also, attached is a more detailed photo of the flat portion of the hub.

AFBreest 05-26-2015 10:38 PM

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Thanks for all of the help thus far!

Picture 2

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