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Rod 06-21-2006 12:06 AM

SE5A 180HP Hisso prop info
Hi Everone

Can anyone provide diamater and pitch specs for prop for 180hp Hisso (direct drive)? Pictures would be nice too.

Dave 06-21-2006 07:22 AM

Here's some listings for that engine for a SPAD VII:


I have a listing of British props, but I couldn't find a match for an SE5A with a 180 Hisso. There are several for 150's and 200's as well as for a Wolsely Viper. It's possible the 180 and 200 listings are the same, or a 150 hub might work. If so, here are some possibilities:

AD 662 D 2400 P 1800 (150 Hisso, SE5 - and actually that's the same pitch and diameter as for the Wolsely, which also fit the SPAD VII)

AB 765 D 2415 P not given (180 HIsso, SE5)

AB 7673 D 2414 P 1710 (Wolsely Viper, SE5A)

And now that I've looked through those listings, I just found this one in a separate list:

AB 767 D 2414 P1710 (180 Hispano Suiza - English Boss, SE5)

So, even though they are all actually pretty close, I would guess that the final one would be the best option.

Here's a picture of an SE5 prop for a 180 built by Curtiss.


I can measure the diameter if you'd like, but I don't know the pitch.

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