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abufletcher 12-22-2007 12:22 PM

Albatros CI propeller
I'm going to be carving a static display prop for a 1/6 scale Albatros CI and I'm looking for an accurate outline.

I'd also appreciate any info on the prop diameter.

abufletcher 12-22-2007 07:12 PM

What I mainly need at this point is a diameter. I've seen the prop for a LVG VI (with 200hp engine) listed at 2.88m. But a rough estimate from the datafile drawings put it at about 8 feet (2.44m).

This would have been on a 160hp Benz or Mercedes.

abufletcher 12-23-2007 01:55 AM

To add a bit more information, looking at the photos in the Albatros CI datafile, it's clear that several different propeller types were used over the considerable service life of the CI.

One type had offset paddle-like blades with rounded tips. The leading and trailing edges were relatively straight. The propeller has a uniformly dark color. Of the photos in the woodenpropeller.com collection, it looks most like the Bleriot XI (normale) -- but with rounded tips. The blades may also be a bit wider and a bit more offset.

The other type seen in the photos has a curved leading edge and appears much more like the Sopwith Snipe propeller, or perhaps the Bristol F2b propeller. One particularly nice photo in the datafile shows this type made of 5 laminations (dark, light, dark, light, dark) with the german cross decal.

Bob Gardner 12-24-2007 06:29 AM


I have no data on the prop for the CI. As a generalisation German props were made for engines and types of aircraft, rather than for specific aircraft. Therefore, props from other C class aircraft will provide a guide to the diameter you need.

Props for the 150hp and 160hp Mercedes engine, which was the most common engine used in early C types, were generally between 2500mm and 2730mm in diameter. Props would have come from different makers. At this time, 1915 to 1917, German makers made props that were very individual in shape.

If you find any specific diameters for German props, please let me know. I am currently writing vol 3 of my book on WW1 props which is about German props. Data is very scarce.

With regards,


abufletcher 12-24-2007 08:57 PM

Bob, thanks for the input. Based on measurements from the datafile drawings (if that means anything) the prop would be 2880 (6cm x 48, 9'5"). But then I assume that the diameter would vary with the prop design (primarily pitch).

abufletcher 12-25-2007 12:21 AM

I just looked more thoroughly through the datafile and found the illustration of the "baubeschreibung" ("build description") for the Albatros CIa (Bayische FlugzuegWerke Munchen) on p. 36. This includes information (in German) on the both the motor and propellor:

170 PS Argus
Brake efficiency Pi=180PS

Reschke Wood (Company)
Diameter 285cm
Blade width 28cm
Pitch 160

This information does not appear to have been translated and included elsewhere in the datafile text.

Well, that's right in the ballpark of the measurement I took off the drawing. Once again I'm sure there was some variation in diameter between different propellor makes (and pitches). This is also the same diameter as the Heine propellor for the Conrad CIII on Bob's site so I feel comfortable saying that this is approximately correct for the propellor I'm modeling (with five laminations and the German cross decal).

abufletcher 12-25-2007 12:36 AM

Wow! I was just trying to find out what "Reschke" referred to (assuming it was a name) and came upon this German aircraft classified site where a guy states that he has a WWI-era wooden propeller from the Reschke company with the German Cross decal!


I also found that the blade width given above almost exactly matches the propeller drawing I cobbled together in photoshop based on eyeballing the photo on p. 26 (of a laminated prop with the German Cross decal). How cool is that!

abufletcher 12-25-2007 01:24 AM

And a little more searching yielded this:



abufletcher 12-25-2007 01:47 AM

Hmm...well, I now believe the the prop I'm trying to model is NOT a Reschke prop as the photo that I found of a Reschke prop appears to be the "paddle-shaped" one I describe above. Also the Reschke decal included a company logo with an R next to (below?) the German Cross.

So perhaps the prop I'm looking at is a Garuda.

Bob Gardner 12-25-2007 02:37 AM

Merry Christmas,

Here are photographs of a Reschke prop and decals.

With friendly Greetings!





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