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ed thompson 05-22-2006 04:31 AM

Armstrong Whitworth Propellor- please help identify
I have recently been given a hansome mahogany wooden propellor by my Grandfather.

The oral history that I have suggests that the aeroplane crashed during it's delivery flight from Scotland to Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, ending up in a field near Fazeley, Tamworth.

The propellor is undamaged, painted in a dark oive drab matt finish. It was found in the attic of a garage in Fazeley with an AJS motorcycle.

Length: 2800mm Hub Inner 77mm Pitch Centre Diameter 105mm for 8 bolt holes. Blade width at widest point 290mm

Side of hub stamped:

Reverse side stamped
G244 N89

The flat rear hub face has numbers stamped around two of the bolt holes
9960 around the topmost hole
480 around the rearmost hole
The letters P3 within a circle are stamped to the outer left of the bolt holes

I have also taken some 35mm shots in detail of these markings, they appear quite fresh and legible. I will post these photos in due course.

I would be grateful for any information identifying this propellor and some idea of it's value.

with thanks

Ed Thompson

Dave 05-22-2006 07:09 AM

It's made for the Armstrong Whitworth FK8 airplane, a WW1 bomber produced in England, using a 160 HP Beardmore engine. The "RH" refers to its right hand rotation. I think the drawing number should read "DWG LP 3740", which indicates it was designed by, and likely manufactured by Lang Propellers Ltd, Weybridge, Surrey. That is one of three drawing numbers that is correct for that aircraft, the others have a slightly different length and pitch (LP 2400 and LP 2390a) and perhaps a different geometry as well.

Bob Gardner can give you a better idea of its value, as I believe he has sold one fairly recently. It's worth more in its present condition than it would be in a "restored" condition, so I would strongly recommend that you leave it as is.

Can you post a picture? (If you want to email or send them to me I can post them for you. Just use the "email" link at the bottom of this page.)

Here's a picture of the aircraft:


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