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Eric F 07-26-2016 01:46 AM

Need identification help
Hi guys , I just aquired an early prop from US PROPELLER Inc, it has 2 of the red star decals on it , (1 on each blade)
One blade is stamped us propellers inc., the other is stamped DES 70L 55 ,SER18015 . I'm hoping you can tell me something about it . The guy I got it from knew nothingabout it. Its a damaged prop ,it either crash landed or hit something while under power . Anything you can tell me will be helpful, thank you in advance.

Dbahnson 07-26-2016 07:44 AM

US Propeller did not make a lot of props for certificated airplanes, although they apparently made many drone props. I don't have access to my own listings just now but even that listing won't tell you which airplane it was flown on. The design number prefix ("70L") however suggests that it was designed for a Lycoming engine and the length of 70" suggests use on a small (e.g. 65 HP) engine.

You could probably infer that it was used on one of the airplanes on the list of Sensenich propellers listed with a 70L prefix. The suffix "55" refers to the pitch, and that would imply a coarse pitch for that length of propeller, sort of a "cruise prop" or equivalent to "high gear" in a car.

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