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WB72 03-07-2019 12:50 PM

S&S Propeller information wanted. (Pics included)
Hi, I am new to the site.
We have had a propeller in our garage / Shop for quite some time that I would like to get more information on if possible. It seems like you all are very knowledgeable about this so I am seeking only some of it.

Back story: Most of this is third party explanation, so it may be inaccurate to some point.
My great uncle purchased a plane from the canadian government after the war fro $50.00, it had 2 engines and what looked like a bomber/shooter bubble. The plane had all controls destroyed so it could not be used as an aircraft anymore.
He had taken the engines off to use in projects around the farm, my father was able to take one of the propellers as they were not using them.
Now with my great uncle gone, I would like to ID the plane it would have come from. This will be for information for the display I will erect at my home.

I am leading to believe it came off a version of the Avro Anson, although I am not sure which model.

Details on the prop:
-There is a decal sporting the S&S propeller logo from Winnipeg.
-Serial Number stamped on the prop:H4807
-8 Bolt pattern
-Other Stamping: SS SS170D


Dbahnson 03-07-2019 03:32 PM

I think you are correct. See this post from almost 10 years ago. I'm not familiar with the different Avro models.

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