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sandbaggeruk 06-05-2018 09:28 AM

Spad XIII 'Grandville' propeller
Hi all,
I'm currently building a 1:32 model of a WW1 Spad XIII C.1, Number 26 of ‘C’ flight, 27th Aero Squadron, 1st Pursuit Group, based at Rembercourt, near Verdun, France during September 1918.
The photo's of this aircraft show a propeller different to that supplied in the model kit. Other sources I have describe the prop as being of a parchment tipped 'Grandville' design.
However I can't find any information of this particular 'French' propeller or manufacturer.
The leading edges of this propeller seem to indicate a clockwise rotation, as opposed to many props of that period.
The best I have found is the photo below.

Does anyone here have information or better still drawings/photos of this propeller, as I would like to replicate it,




pmdec 06-06-2018 05:16 AM

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All SPAD XIII were LH props because the engine was a geared one!

There was at least 8 "kinds" of approved props for this plane. From the shape of the prop on your picture, it can't be a De La Granville (but it may be a De La Granville made), nor an Éclair nor a Chauvière. It could be a Ratmanoff serial HS, perhaps a Régy serial 361. Both were 2.50 meters long, with quite the same pitch (2.30 vs 2.55 meters) and blade width (200 vs 210 mm).
Some Ratmanoff HS were made from thin laminations by De La Granville, but they were covered with non see through brown-red varnish, so this was not visible.

The picture you show is perhaps one of a SPAD canon. Same props were used on it.

I join pics of a Ratmanoff HS made by Ratmanoff (sorry, no larger pic of this one) and one of a De La Granville made using thin laminations.
I have not and have never seen a pic of a Régy 361.


sandbaggeruk 06-06-2018 05:44 AM

Hi PM,
Many thanks for your rapid and detailed reply.
Your information will give me what need to make a start on this propeller,


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