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Need help identifying this propeller

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  • Need help identifying this propeller

    This propeller was found in a former blimp hangar at Naval Air Station Glynco in Brunswick, GA. Glynco was home to a fleet of Navy airships from 1943-1974. Other aircraft were flown from Glynco, which closed its airship command in 1959 and became a training facility. This propeller was restored and given to a gentleman who had been with the base when he became Chief in 1971. His family thought it was a blimp propeller, but we know that is not the case. We know it was on an aircraft at the base at one time. The plaque in the picture is sealed on with silicone adhesive, and unfortunately, that is probably the area we needed to see to get the ID number. We hope to identify the aircraft on which it was used by the faint numbers on the stamp shown in the pictures. The family wants to add this to a display of the history of NAS Glynco, but we need to ID the plane first to get more information. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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    There is an excellent possibility the information needed to ID this prop is impressed into the wood on the side of the hub or perhaps on a blade near the hub. Check out these locations please and let us know what you find.