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Watts Z3040 for Napier Dagger engine

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  • Watts Z3040 for Napier Dagger engine

    I am looking for a UK Watts Z3040 propeller for late 30's Napier Dagger engine, left hand tractor, diameter 10.9 feet, pitch 12.15, these were fitted to Hawker Hector aircraft, thanks, Ed

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    Wow, that's going to be a long shot, especially if you are looking for one that is airworthy.

    It's interesting that on this chart it shows that drawing number as a right hand tractor, not left hand. That must be an error on the chart, as any photos I can find of the Hawker Hector show a left hand prop.

    Could you have a reproduction made? You might try Chad Wille at St. Croix propellers. It's possible he has more information on design, pitch, hub dimensions, etc.

    Good luck.


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      Thanks Dbahnson for the chart reference. I can confirm that the Watts number is correct based on original logbook data, and it is definitely LHT. You never know what’s out there, so no harm asking! As a high revving engine on a low altitude aircraft application, I figure this blade was derived from more common blade setups of the day, with pitch changes. It would be good to see a real one though, as a pattern, to confirm this.


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        For the chart, you can add : Z2071 for Hawker Hind and Watts 861 for Hawker Hart. Is there some logic to the numbering system that relates to the design or are these sequential numbers loosely associated with year of introduction? Eg are 4 digit Watts blades associated with the introduction of coatings like the Schwarz process?


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          I literally have NO IDEA how those numbers were assigned. Bob Gardner provided the chart, and I'm not even sure where that came from.

          Overall, there is a big void in the data for wooden propellers in terms of associating numbers with both usage and dimensions. In addition, the "drawings" from which the number is derived rarely if ever are available.


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            Still looking for a Watts Z3040 if anyone has one !