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Please help ID this modern style SB prop

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  • Please help ID this modern style SB prop

    Has 6 holes, metal tips and metal leading edges and green and gold SB winged stickers and 3 separate lines of identification (each line in top of the other reading top to bottom it looks like: (the DES number is the hardest to read - could be 7360 or ...)


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    (It would help if you could post photos, and include photos of the decals.)

    I can't be sure but I think this may be a very early (and rare) Sensenich model. Sensenich had a propeller Type Certificate (ATC) 463 that is listed for their model number 755C, which could be the hard to read stampings on yours.

    On this page that model is listed at the very bottom of the page, perhaps because it was added to the list from some archive, as it doesn't fit the more common Sensenich model nomenclature. So that model was used on the Rearwin 4000, which when Googled discloses the attached page from

    You are describing decals (or remnants) that are likely Sensenich's. If that's accurate the following information should be noted.

    The propeller is 75 1/2 inches from tip to tip.
    The centers of the bolt holes sit on a circle with a diameter of 6 1/4".
    The Rearwin 4000 was a small (max weight 1038 pounds) single seat aircraft.
    It used an Aeromarine Aeromarine AR 3-160 engine developing 50 HP.
    The type certificate for the airplane expired in 1936. (Sensenich began making propellers in 1932 and is still in business.)
    The plane is shown in this photo on the web.

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