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8ft wooden/copper tipped propeller

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  • 8ft wooden/copper tipped propeller

    We are trying to identify the value of an 8ft solid wooden propeller, dark cherry or oak with copper plating at both tips--excellent condition but obviously vintage. The stamp to the right of the center looks like ORALL SCOTT MNFG CO with the insignia of CAR/S/H/Co in the middle and SAN FRANCISCO, CA underneath. To the right of that is stamped 1114. To the left of the center are faint numbers--maybe
    D8-??P?6 and also M?-10001. Any insight would be great. Check pics on

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    There was a model W10001 that was used for the Aeromarine 39A Boeing and Standard Seaplanes using a Hall Scott A7A engine. It's listed as 8 feet 4 inches in diameter, however, not 8 feet 0 inches.

    Check the hub dimensions to see if you can match the engine.

    Can you post a close-up of the decal or stamp of the manufacturer?


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      Wooden Propeller to A7A Hall Scott

      Thanks for your response--we took a second look and yes, it does match the hub dimensions for an A7A Hall Scott, it does say Hall Scott (now that I know what I'm looking for), and it is 8ft. 4". We're working on tracking it to a plane, possibly a Heath Parasol.