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  • Prop I.D.

    Hiya, I would love a whole w.w.1 prop, but at the moment have had to make do with a prop boss that has been turned into a clock.
    The boss is 150mm thick, and with the stubs of the blades is 500 mm.
    The stamps on it read,
    DG AD 759
    D 2 45
    P 1 85
    HP 150 H SUIZA
    It has 8 bolt holes
    From the research I have done I think it might be from a nieuport or possibly a spad, any help greatly recieved, thanks, John.

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    The "AD" prefixed drawing numbers I have only go up to AD 707, so yours might have been a little after WWI. Levasseur was a French manufacturer, but it looks like British style stampings. I looked at all the Levasseur propellers for Nieuport and Sopwith and couldn't find any with those dimensions, and in fact of some 40+ Levasseur models, none matched those dimensions. It's clearly for a Hisso engine, so that does narrow it down considerably.

    There was a model AB 759 for a SPAD using a Hisso 150 but that one had a pitch of 191 cm, rather than 185 cm. The diameter is correct, though, at 245 cm.


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      New to this forum thing I replied with an e mail, sorry!
      Looking again at the stamps the AD could well be AB as it has been stamped twice in the same place.
      Thanks for the info, the plot thickens!!!


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        Drg No AB759 is a British number for a SPAD S7 with a Hisso 150hp engine. Several props for the SPAD were of French design, usually made by Eclair but given an English drawing number. Yours would seem to have been designed by Levasseur in France and also given a British drawing number.

        Bob Gardner
        Bob Gardner
        Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers


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          Prop I.D.

          Thank you for your help people, I have tried to research it myelf but this seems to be the place to come, if I new anyone else interested I would recommend but we few and far between!!!! John.