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    ,.Hello Dave,...steve here (hamilton hs-1 prop)..after your comments about which blade this is ,forward or rear,of the set,I finally understood what you meant.With the engine facing backward,..(is it called a pusher????)..I believe this one was against the engine,curved edge actually facing forward..The question that I have is,..on the hub ,the number 19 is stamped,..which I assumed meant 1919...but I was researching NAS Hampton Roads..(Prop was found in a basement 5 miles from base)..and I came across this photo of HR-19 (Hampton Roads 19 ?)..what would you think the chances are that these are the same 19 ??...or is the stamp most likely a date or inventory number???...Coincidence???? ,thanks,steve
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    It's unlikely a date, IMHO, as those were rarely stamped on U.S. manufactured propellers. While it may refer to the aircraft type, one would expect that to also include a letter designation, i.e. "H.R.19", so my guess is that it's more likely some element of a production number.