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Pratt & Lambert Embossed Propeller

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  • Pratt & Lambert Embossed Propeller

    I recently acquired an airplane propeller that is embossed "Pratt & Lambert Finishes" on both sides of the propeller blades.

    I know little about airplane propellers, but I did some research on Pratt & Lambert and found out that they sold varnishes used on early airplane propellers. Several Pratt & Lambert employees served in World War I, some of whom were killed or wounded. During this time, Pratt & Lambert, which had a large factory complex here in Buffalo, New York, printed a sales periodical entitled "The Propeller." (Reference

    I'd like to find out if this propeller was made during World War I. The propeller is 8 feet from blade tip to blade tip. The thickness of the hub is 4 inches. The diameter of the hub is 7 7/8". There are several stamps on the shaft. Please see the accompanying photographs for specific prop data.

    Any information on the manufacturer, time-frame, and the likely type of aircraft the propeller was designed to be used on would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time.

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    The length and material suggests something from around that era, but there's really no way to know for sure. It was never drilled for a specific hub, so you can't even rule out specific engine usage in its design.

    The overall geometry is a little more like those seen in the post-war era, however.


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      Thanks for the information, Dave. I guessed that the propeller was used in some office or boardroom as a prominent display of Pratt & Lambert's varnish products, or it could have been a presentation piece to a company executive or the like. It has good presence.

      Thanks again for the information.


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        Sorry, forgot to ask about the meaning of the numbers stamped on this propeller.

        P 1093

        8' X 5' 3'


        D 5000

        X 318


        Thanks for your help with these.


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          P 1093 - likely a drawing (blueprint) number

          8' X 5' 3' - diameter and pitch

          2 -- may identify one blade, ? "1" on the other blade?

          D 5000 - unknown

          X 318 - sometimes represents "experimental", possibly a varnish test of some kind

          275 -- Unknown, might be a production number

          See italics, above.


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            Thanks for the info Dave.