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  • French Thiebaux propeller


    I recently acquired this nice propeller. Propeller is made by CH.Thiebaux,
    under licence of Ratmanoff. I think the propeller was made for the canton unne 9 Z engine.I dont find any information about the company
    Thiebaux and also would like to find out for which airplane the propeller
    was made.
    Lenght 2.68m

    All help very appreciated.

    Here some hub details:

    NUMERO 3688


    Other side:

    H_? (maybe D)

    CU Z 9


    Flat side:


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    and more pictures
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      Very nice find!

      Thiebaux was an authorized prop maker during WW1. They made props under license and their own props under the GALLIA brand name.

      It is the first time I see a decal from them as licensee.

      Because it has the official airworthy stamps (small square with the letters SFA inside) the prop have to be on the official prop lists. The trouble is there was no Ratmanoff prop with a 2.68 meter length.
      Could you have the prop measured again, with the tape going from one side of one tip to the opposite, the tape passing exactly above the center of the hub (blue line of the 3rd pic)?
      Additional measurements can help:
      - diameter of the central hole,
      - thickness of the hub,
      - diameter of the circle going through the centers of the bolt holes,
      - blade width at 2/3 of the blade length.

      I can't see the serial "number" (one to three letters in the blue rectangle of the pic below), but I do see it is there. Very faint, but present. Can you send me large and clear pics of the 4 sides of the hub? My address is (stop robots writing): pmdecombeix at yahoo dot com
      Please, send picture of the whole sides, not partial ones, because the pattern of markings do matter.
      A large and clear close up of the markings (H ... / CU Z9), blue recatngle of the 2nd pic could also help.

      "VI" (V (letter) and 1 (digit)) do show the prop was made between early 1917 and 1922.

      My bet is this prop is for a Hanriot HD-3, but only required pics and measurements could answer this question.

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        Bonjour PM

        Merci pour votre reponse.
        Here some more details:

        I measured the propeller again as requested and came to a total lenght
        of 2,67m

        Bore hole: 7 cm
        bold holes: 1,2 cm
        distance between middle of bold holes:17cm
        hub tickness: 15,5 cm

        I can't read anything behind SERIE.
        Concerning the H, this is followed by an _ and than D, I think.
        Like this: H_D
        I have sent you some additional pictures but they are not that good
        because of the light interval. I will try some more with different angles
        and light conditions.

        best regards