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Liberty Prop, I think?

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  • Liberty Prop, I think?

    From some research online I believe it be a Liberty Prop used on Jenny 1917 powered by Curtiss OX-5 V8 90HP however it does not have the Liberty decal.
    I am not a collector per say I do fly as a hobby, have a light sport aircraft and live in a small aviation community in South Carolina (SC45). I found this prop when I was about 10 year’s old living in Maryland, so that would be about 60 ago. I guess it’s kind of hard to believe why I still have, long story. I’d just like to know if my research is correct and if you or anyone can add or correct anything for me.
    Thank You,
    Phil Lumpkin
    221 Upwind Leg Rd.
    Gilbert, SC 29054
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    Well, it certainly LOOKS identical to this propeller, which I no longer own but which I believe was for an OX5 engine. Another possibility, however is that it was for a Hall Scott engine and that I mis-identified it based on measurements. To check, measure the distance from the CENTERS of two bolt holes directly across from each other on the hub. The Hall Scott should have a bolt circle diameter of 6 inches, and the OX5 just 5 1/4.

    I'm guessing that someone "restored" your prop 60 years ago, when it was already 30 years old. The metal sheathing looks polished, and "restoration" usually took the decals with it.