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  • Identification help please?

    Dear Forum, I have just acquired a WW1 propeller which is inscribed 11squadron RFC Christmas 1916. I am a member of the squadron association, and we will repatriate to XI fighter squadron later in the year. The provenance communicated by the donor looks good, and I believe the prop is from a “ pusher”

    Lang logo, and genuine squadron member names inscribed. As 11 were flying gunbuses and FE 2 bs at the time, can anyone help me with a definitive aircraft type for the blade?

    I am writing a resume on what I know about the original owner who served on 11 in WW1, and trying to identify the aircraft type?

    Any help gratefully appreciated?

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    Typically, it's impossible to identify an aircraft make and model by the appearance of a single blade. There may be clues in the "provenance" supplied by the donor, but even that can be very unreliable over the time frame since WW1.


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      Hi, and thanks for sparing me trying to look for a needle in a haystack!

      Assuming the provenance communicated to me is correct, were there any great differences between the propellers of the Vickers Gun Bus gun and FE2 b’s ?




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        I doubt very much that the propellers were the same or maybe even very similar. As far as I know the Fe2b used a 160 HP Beardmore engine and the Vickers Gun Bus used a 100 HP Gnome engine, so while they both would have been pusher props and might resemble each other in appearance they likely were entirely different propellers, particularly with respect to the hub size.

        There were thousands of different models of propellers used during WW1. Many resembled each other but had very specific characteristics that were all different.


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          Many Thanks for the info. From the additional research and comparisons with similar, following your lead, I’m pretty confident its a blade from an FE2b / 160 Beardmore , which were flown by XI squadron at the time.