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  • Any ideas?

    Hi guys, I've just bought my first propeller but have no idea what it is, or what it was fitted to. Can anyone help identify it, please? Unfortunately, someone has attacked it with a rotary sander at some point, and coated it in a thick stain/varnish for good measure. I have unearthed two characters on the hub - M.M.
    The hub is 6.25 inches wide and 3.75 inches deep. The prop length is 62.5 inches long. There is the remains of metal sheefing on the blade edges, and holes from missing rivets suggest it covered the majority of the prop tip in a rear ward sweeping direction. Any pointers would be hugely appreciated.

    Thank you

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    The right hand thread and the general shape suggests a British design, but there are hundreds of possibilities from there. See this list, and note that there are no models containing "M M" listed. There is a "Moth Major" mentioned but that's a long shot, IMHO.

    There likely is no way to identify it with any certainty.