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Making a Propeller for a project

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  • Making a Propeller for a project

    I am looking for suggestions on building or designing a propeller to collect air.

    I'm new to designing/engineering propellers. I'm looking to build a propeller (or buy a cheap manufactured one, need not be wooden if that is the case).

    I've seen several guides online as to how to build very nice wooden propellers, however I don't have access to alot of those tools.

    I was wondering what options do I have in terms of crafting my own propeller? I'd like to design and build a wind turbine, rather a proof of concept to myself. So no specific propeller design is needed, just something extremely simple.

    I can't see the details on the propeller very well but I like

    Some specifications on it, I would like it to be rather large, around 100 inches in diameter. Though, I must admit, anything over 3 feet in diameter would be just fine as well =).

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    Propeller design

    If you have never carved a prop, you should stick to a smaller diameter. An out of balance 10ft prop can be quite distructive - and dangerous.
    You should start with a simple retangular prop like used on airboats. I would strongly suggest you purchase a book on propeller making. It is a little more involved than most people think, but it isn't rocket science. Eric Clutton has a book for the amateur propeller maker that would answer most of your questions and make the whole process safer, and it's only around $10-15.
    As far as wind generator props, you should research wind turbine blade design for the most efficient planeform.



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      Designing Wind Generator blades is quite different than propeller blades, mostly because their functions are opposite. Propellers that live in the weather are better made from composite or aluminum. The real trick isn't in the propeller, farmers have harnessed wind power for over 100 years, the real trick is knowing what to do with it. Since the newest theory of how to store wind energy involved using the surplus energy to compress air, which is then stored underground and released later through turbines to generate power, the better use of wind power is to compress air. Eliminates two phases of energy conversion and the resultant turbine is mechanically simpler and cheaper to maintain.


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        I may be reading this wrong, but when the links are clicked on, it appears to be spam on all 3 of them, I saw that the text was different on all of the posts for this name, and some of the text really didnt make sense in regards to the original post from other members. Caviat Emptor !

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