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Seeking information on S&S Winnipeg propeller

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  • Seeking information on S&S Winnipeg propeller

    Hello all,
    I am new on this site and seeking information on a wood propeller which was passed down in my family. Unfortunately it was badly damaged last year in a fire and I am trying to identify its value and find out how to restore it if its worth it. The propeller is an 8 bolt hub and approximately 90" tip to tip with brass along along the leading edges. From the markings, I can identify it as a S&S Winnipeg made in Feb 1944 for the Jacobs L6 on the Anson 2 aircraft.

    Can someone help me understand what this propeller is worth and if I should be restoring it.



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    It's not a rare item by any means. Search through some of the past posts here for S&S and you'll find lots of entries. For whatever reason, these were vastly overproduced and were sold off as surplus. Most of them seem to be in pristine, unused condition, so one that has been damaged by fire isn't likely to be attractive to buyers. It's only for display and might be better left as is, maybe as a souvenir of the fire.