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Curtiss HS2L Flying Boat Propeller

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  • Curtiss HS2L Flying Boat Propeller

    Curtiss HS2L Flying Boat Propeller - Do you happen to know approximately how much this it worth? I attached pictures for reference. Thanks in advance!
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    Not very much, for three reasons:

    1. It was manufactured in very large quantities and then became obsolete, so there are lots of them around.
    2. It has been re-finished, which greatly reduces its value
    3. It's really only half of a propeller, since it was designed to mate with a similar blade to make a four-blade combination. (That's why the hub is only about 4 inches thick.)

    Having said that, sometimes these sell for what a buyer perceives that it's worth, but a knowledgeable collector would never match that price. Over the years I've owned three or four of these and sold them all for a very modest price compared to a rare prop in original condition. One of them was just given to me when the owner realized it wasn't what he thought it was.

    They are aesthetically appealing because of their scimitar shape, but the hub is disproportionately large to fit the Liberty engine hub.


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      Wow - awesome response! I'm very new to this world, so I'm just trying to gauge a ballpark price. Could you perhaps throw a number at what you believe is a moderate price? Thanks again!


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        I sold off a few of these in the past for around $600 but I had clearly disclosed that they were only part of a four-blade assembly. I suspect if you put them on eBay (where asking prices have become ridiculous) it would end up selling for more than that, but likely not to a knowledgeable buyer.

        I regret not buying a mated pair of them years ago (consecutive serial numbers) which would have carried considerably more value than if sold separately, which is how they were sold in that case. It's the only matched pair I've seen.