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    Flottorp 72" 72A50 Stamped on the pop : PC4, TC802, A7365Z. What's a range of the propellers worth? The discription said it is restored and includes a spinner. No damaged to leading edge or the propeller.
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    I couldn’t comment on the value, except to say that restoration generally reduces, rather than enhances, the value of a propeller.
    This list shows is as applicable to the Rearwin Junior 4000. With a top speed of 91mph, not exactly one of the “faster planes”.
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      Whenever I see "restored" in combination with a spinner or other type of faceplate the first step I take is to see what's under the spinner. Often the covering is there to hide a previous carve-out in the hub for a clock or similar instrument.

      And I agree that a "restoration" reduces the value compared to a prop in original condition, at least with respect to a display propeller. I see a price tag of $1195 on one of the photos. I would consider that about three to four times the true market value of that item, and as a collector I would be willing to get rid of it for under $250. But "value" is a moving target, and in my opinion most all of the props offered on eBay, for instance, are markedly over-valued with respect to opening bid prices.


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        Thanks! I hope others might respond.

        The caution about possible hub modification for, say, a clock is something to check. My first thoughts were that it was grossly overpriced and the fact that it was 'reconditioned' diminished value. I lived in Grand Rapids, MI for a few years flying. Learning about Mr. Flottorp's factory being there in the early 1900's was interesting personally to me.

        I have a propeller from a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Avro Anson MkII that's in good condition. Not looking to sell it. There's a personal hometown story connected to my acquisition. It was owned by a doctor from my home town who flew MkIIs in training and costal patrols during WWII. My mother bought it for me from him for $60 forty years ago. It's one of my treasures.