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  1. gregehammond
    09-30-2013 01:01 PM
    Hello Mr. Bahnson,

    I am new to your forum and thought it the best place to start in finding out more abot my attic discovery. I mistakenly listed it in the "Early" propeller forum, but from reading more of your website have repositioned it in the "Modern" propeller forum:
    "S&S Aircraft Ltd. propeller interest".
    I would hope to find out all I can about this rare (?) item, and hope to find it a good home. I will be posting pix in the next couple of days.
    88" long
    6 1/2 " deep at hub
    8 bolt holes
    S&S gold / red winged insignia on both blades
    completely original - never 'modified'
    Brass leading edge
    Ash? Maple? layered composition
    SER.R. 1397

    Great web resource! Thank you

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