Lang Propeller  Pusher for OX5 Engine

Lang Propeller
No 5339
DR No EX 10561
Heavy oak, 8 foot propeller built by Lang Propeller Co. of America Inc.  Exact usage is unknown, but Drawing number of EX 10561 suggests experimental model.
  Hub measurements are consistent with an OX5 engine.  Based on the left hand rotation and the placement of the decal on the rear of the blade, this was likely a pusher prop, and may have been used on one of the early Curtiss flying boats developed at Hammondsport or perhaps used by the Navy during WW1 .  Propeller is in very good condition, with some flaking of varnish and fading of single decal as seen in the photo.

Wood:  oak (heavy)
Length:  8 feet
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