c. 1917

AB 723

140 HP Hispano Suiza
RH Tractor        S7
D 2450
P 2132

G 82 N 59
Comments:  This British manufactured SPAD s7 propeller was designed for use with the earlier 140 HP Hisso engine for the  French designed SPAD s7.  The low "G" and "N" numbers indicate a very early production date, perhaps as early as 1914.  The design resembles a Levasseur style, but is recorded as a drawing number of the Air Board and carries the AID inspection stamps used on British props.

It has an interesting history.  It was acquired by by Lieut. Oscar Monthan along with 2 other propellers after he served as a pilot in WW1.  Monthan was subsequently killed in the crash of a Martin Bomber in Hawaii in 1924.  The Davis Monthan Air Force Base is named for Samuel Davis and Oscar Monthan and was dedicated to the 2 pilots in 1927, the ceremony attended by Charles Lindbergh and the "Spirit of St. Louis", which Lindbergh flew to the airfield on return from his NY to Paris flight.  The propeller was given to Oscar's brother, Eric and later sold by Eric's widow to Clyde Hammet of Almagado, New Mexico, in the 1960's.  I acquired it from a subsequent owner's son.

Wood:  Mahogany
Length:  2450 mm
Pitch:  2132