Regy Propeller for Caudron G3
c. 1915

Cau G3
Rh 80

Serie No. 245
No. 2658


License Regy

Ste L'Aeronautiqe

Comments:  This French propeller was designed by Regy and was produced by at least one other manufacturer (see Waring and Gillow) using the Regy Serie number 245.  It was listed for use on the Caudron G3 biplane using an 80 LeRhone engine.  The fabric covering on the tips is  NOT original, but the original decals can be seen in the painted finish on the rest of the propeller, which is otherwise undisturbed except for the usual nicks and bruises.  Several "S.F.A." inspection stamps appear on the hub.  Decals are barely visible in ambient light,  and oblique bright lighting was used to demonstrate the details of the original decals shown above.

Wood:  Mahogany
Length:  2.45 m
Pitch: 1.55m
(Decal appearance in normal light.)