Early Paragon OX5 Propeller
c. 1915

8' 3" x 5.00
Right Hand



Comments:  The American Propeller Company was founded in 1910 in Washington, DC, and began manufacturing propellers there before moving to Baltimore, Maryland, in 1912.   They used the trade name "Paragon", and by the end of WW1 had constructed over 25,000 wooden propellers.  This is felt to be a very early model, as evidenced by its serial number 1718.  The absence of any military designation stampings suggest that it was produced in the mid teens and although not definitively established was most likely made for use on the famous Curtiss JN4 ("Jenny") using the OX5 engine.  Many Paragon propellers have survived, but this appears to be one of the earliest models, with original decals and varnish.

Wood:  Oak
Length: 8' 3"
Pitch:  5.00'