Curtiss JN4H - Hisso Engine

P.P. 190
Comments:  The JN4H model of the famous Curtiss "Jenny" used the more powerful and more reliable Hisso engine, replacing the earlier version OX5.  The drawing number, 34889, applied to both the 150HP and 180HP Hisso.  The "P.P. 190" refers to "Paragon Propeller", and was an assigned designation for the American Propeller Company.  An excellent history of the Jenny is available on the National Air and Space Museum website.

Wood:  Oak
Length:  8'6"
1919 Listing showing drawing number 34889 used on the JN4H
December, 2005 -  This propeller was purchased to display along  with the famous inverted Jenny stamp.  Click here or on the image for more information.