Hartzell Liberty Propeller - Signal Corps

SC 31164


Comments:  This exceptionally well preserved Hartzell propeller fits an OX5 engine, but its exact aircraft usage is unknown.  According to a conversation I had with Jimmie Reedy, senior executive at Hartzell, in the early 1990's this Hartzell Liberty logo is extremely rare.  It was used on their earliest propellers but had to be abandoned due to a trademark dispute with the manufacturers of the new Liberty engine, and subsequent decals replaced "Liberty" with an image of a Liberty Bell instead.  According to Mr. Reedy, there were only 4 propeller models manufactured with this logo, one of which was made for the Wright brothers, although which propeller that was is also unknown.  This one was made for the U.S. Signal Corps as demonstrated by the USA cloverleaf stamp and the Signal Corps ("SC") number.  Hartzell was established as a walnut lumber mill but became one of the largest manufacturers of propellers for the government during WW1.  This remains as one of their earliest products.

An identical decal can be seen on this propeller, manufactured for the U.S. Navy during the same time period.

Wood:  Walnut
Length:  8 feet