Curtiss H4
c 1915

H 4
8 6
Comments:  Cole Palen, founder of the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, told me that he thought that this propeller may have been intended for use on the Curtiss H4 "Small America" from around 1915.  This was based on the general shape and size as well as the left hand rotation, which would have been a pusher configuration as was used on the H4.  Since Cole's passing in 1993 I have been unable to verify his assertion, but clearly the "H4" stamping on the hub suggests that he was correct.   The "8" and "4" do not represent the length, which is in fact only 8 feet.  The absence of drill holes around the hub indicates that it was not put into actual use.  The lower price of this item reflects the degree of uncertainty about its actual use on the H4.

Wood: Mahogany
Length:  8'0"