Helice Eclair - SPAD XIII
c. 1917

Spa Bi mit
HS 200 hp

No. 866 7588

(on face)
Sie No 153 No 2665
Comments:  Manufactured by Helice Eclair, Paris, France in the teens this propeller was used on a SPAD XIII as evidenced by its drawing number, Series 153 stamped on the face of the hub.  This Hisso engine used on the SPAD XIII was geared, resulting in this being a left hand thread for the propeller.  There are no decals present, but stamped manufacturers labels indicate the maker.  It is in original condition, and some fabric is missing from one blade, exposing the contrasting wood laminates below.  It appears that some varnish was removed to expose some of the stampings, which are otherwise barely legible.  Despite its somewhat "rough" appearance, it is recommended that propellers in this condition REMAIN in this condition rather than make any attempt to "restore" it.

Wood:  Mixed hardwood
Length:  2.50 m
1918 AEF catalog showing propellers used on SPAD aircraft.

Eddie Rickenbacker and his SPAD XIII