Plywood Crate for Shipping Wooden Propellers
("Mini Crate")
This relatively easy and inexpensive "carton" can be constructed for extra protection when shipping a wooden propeller.  This particular one was made to be returned and re-used, but would be easier to construct if made to be disposable.
The carton consists of 3 pieces of 1/4" plywood, in this case held together with epoxy plywood slots that are secured with wooden pegs, washers and screws.  I built this one to be assembled then re-used.  A much simpler method is to just epoxy the panels together with a plywood joint, like this.  A wooden block the width of the hub is held in the center of the  box with wood screws.
The center of the box showing dowels holding the panels together and the hub support in the center. (A simpler method is to just permanently epoxy the panels  together with the wooden strips.)
The propeller tips are secured at the ends by dense foam cut the size of the plywood and grooved out for the tips.
The blades are wrapped in bubble wrap for added protection.
The plywood is taped around the foam, bubble wrap is stuffed into any empty spaces.  Plywood strips may be used in any place that might seem vulnerable to damage.

The box is reinforced with strapping tape and then wrapped in cellophane tape, with the final package as shown in the upper left.
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