Rev. 3/8/11
Bristol F2b Fighter - Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce
D 2950
P 2850
DR P3033

G822 No.10

Comments:  Large propeller for the Bristol F2b Fighter using a Rolls Royce engine.  Interestingly, this same propeller also came in a left hand rotation (drawing P3032), although its specific application is not clear.  In order to transport this propeller home, it was cut into three sections then reassembled (see detailed photos below), a fairly common practice among servicemen bringing home propellers as souvenirs.  Ironically in this case that does not signficantly detract from the value as a collectible display propeller, as the original surface is still retained, including the fabric covered and painted tips and the act of cutting it to get it home becomes part of the "provenence" of the item.

Wood:   Mahogany
Length:   2.95 meters
Detail showing joining of blades.  Structurally this appears to be very secure.