Chauviere - Anzani Engine
c. 1915

D 2.60
P 2.00
DG 123
B 17192
Comments: Very rare, beautiful and graceful early Chauviere propeller of British Manufacture for use with the 125 HP "Anzani10" engine developed in 1913.   It is a VERY unusual artifact in that it is a left hand rotation instead of the right hand rotation that was commonly used with the 10 cylinder Anzani engine.  I am deeply appreciative of Pierre Michel Decombeix's research into this mystery and his location of a 1916 photograph showing a multi engine Anzani 10 powered aircraft with counter-rotating propellers (to neutralize the adverse torque).  It is believed that this propeller was used in a similar configuration, possibly on an early Bleriot twin engine aircraft or a British built Caudron G4.  The lower photo is from a 1915 publication showing counter-rotating engines/propellers on a G4 design.

Wood:  Heavy, probably walnut
Length:  2.60 m
1914 Advertisement for the Anzani 10 engine
(125 HP )
1915 photo showing counter-rotating propellers on opposite Anzani 10 cylinder engines on the early twin engine Bleriot L III.
Another photo (1916)  showing Anzani 10 cylinder engines with counter-rotating (LH and RH) propellers.  This aircraft is also believed to be a variation of the Bleriot twin.
The Illustrated War News,  December 8, 1915, showing opposite rotating propellers on the British version of the Caudron G4, referred to in the article in England simply as a new "British Battleplane".